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In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About South Beach Condominiums

June 26, 2017
South Beach Condominiums

If you’ve had your eye on South Beach real estate for a while, you’ve probably looked into the almost too-good-to-be-true condos for sale. Who wouldn’t? South Beach is known for their unmatched gourmet dining, lively nightlife, beautiful relaxing beaches, and amazing shopping. One thing you haven’t looked into is one of the most jaw-dropping condos in South Beach: ICON South Beach.

If you’re familiar with it, you’re drooling, thinking about it right now. If you’re not familiar, you’re about to be blown away.

ICON was designed by Miami Beach’s top developer, Related Group, known for setting the standard that all luxury Miami towers follow. Everything about this condo is top of the line, 5-star, and extremely luxurious.

Here’s a brief look at the living space in one of the 3 bedroom/ 3.5 bathroom ICON South Beach condos for sale. The views from this room are incredible as you can see from the photo. This is just a peek into the lifestyle that ICON brings. Spacious, comfortable, modern, and beautiful. When you’re looking at condos like these, you’ll find that they leave absolutely nothing to be desired.

So here’s the secret about ICON South Beach… Even though it boasts a SoFi (South Fifth) address and sits on the perfect strip of land to give you a spectacular view of the ocean and the city, they’re not all ridiculously expensive. It’s true, you can find multi-million-dollar ICON South Beach condos for sale, and they’re marvelous. However, if you’re interested in a property on the lower end of the price spectrum— you can find what you’re looking for here, too.

Listed at $675,000; this condo is still the perfect set-up to live a life of sheer luxury. At 1 bedroom/ 1.5 bathrooms, this ICON South Beach condo is swanky living for one or two to enjoy.

If these beautiful examples haven’t convinced you to look into ICON South Beach condos a little bit more, then maybe this will… Not only do the units look the price, and impress all who lay eyes on them, the building has countless 5-star amenities. A world-class pool, gym, 24/7 valet, and security. When you’re in the search of condos that can keep up with your luxurious lifestyle, look no further.

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