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St. Regis Bal Harbour Condominiums: The Rules Are Made to be Broken

June 12, 2017
St. Regis Bal Harbour Condos

If you’re familiar with the incomparable Bal Harbour neighborhood on the northern tip of Miami Beach Island, you’ve probably found yourself daydreaming about the delicious gourmet food, unreal shopping, and opulent lifestyle. If you’re not familiar though, you’re about to have your mind blown. St Regis Bal Harbour is in the most sought-after neighborhoods in the country, and there’s a good reason for it. Butlers, full service bars, 24/7 valet, and designed by world-renowned designer, Yabu Pushelberg.

St Regis Bal Harbour

A few things about this photo: First, you can clearly see the luxury in this photo. An absolutely breathtaking view, and just a peak into the real estate the sits upon it. What you can’t see is that at St Regis Bal Harbour is that the rules are made to be broken.

What could be meant by this? No, you’re not immune to the law in St Regis Bal Harbour, but there is some leeway in other areas. Namely, interior decorating.

If you’re interested in real estate, interior decorating, or anything of the sort, you probably think you have a base knowledge of the “rules” to follow. Not here at St Regis Bal Harbour, though. Any guidelines you have about interior decorating can go out the window, because you have free-range here to do whatever you feel is right. Because St Regis Bal Harbour is such a luxurious canvas, you can pull almost literally anything off.

Just look at this living space in one of the condos at St Regis Bal Harbour. Try to explain what’s going on here stylistically. Can you? We can’t. The look it gives is still absolutely unmatched luxury, and that’s because of where it is. Its canvas was perfectly suited for the owner’s vision— and that’s one thing that sets St Regis Bal Harbour apart from other luxury condos in the Miami-Dade County.

If you’re more attracted to the simple designs, don’t worry— your eye also has a place here.

St Regis Bal Harbour is a creative’s paradise. You already have the perfect base to create whatever your heart desires, and one you’ve made it your own, you’ll wonder why you never considered living here before.

The best part? When you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of the look you’ve given your condo, you can strip it all down. Whatever you replace it with will look just as fabulous.

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