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Top Strategies for Finding Clients the Perfect Home

October 17, 2014

BryanThis past month, the Miami Agent Magazine spotlighted our own Bryan Sereny and his tips and strategies for finding clients the perfect home.
There are many aspects that go into the daily work of a Realtor and Bryan covers some of the top strategies that one can use to accomplish and better ones career.

4. Ask questions – A mistake that many agents tend to make is not asking enough questions. You really need to spend time getting to know and understand your clients – their wants and needs. A lot of people moving from out of town have a really romantic view of Miami and the beaches. They’ll say they want to be on the ocean and touch the sand, but if you ask those people whether they’d actually go to the beach or not, you’d be surprised to find out that many of them aren’t beach people. They just want the nice view. Well, if they only want a nice view, save yourself a trip to the ocean and find them a property near the bay, where prices are much lower but the views are still just as gorgeous.

3. Leverage the information – Once you’ve discovered what a client is truly looking for in a property, use the information to seek out qualifying properties. It’s not enough to simply know what your client is looking for, you need to put in the legwork using that information, which means thoroughly reviewing listings.

2. Learn Your Listings – Since you’re going to be researching listings anyway, do it before you have to. When agents know the listings in their neighborhoods inside and out, narrowing down options for clients will be streamlined. You’ll end up saving a lot of time in the long run.

1. Prioritize Wants and Needs – It’s important to know what’s a luxury and what’s a “deal breaker.” Your first priority will obviously be price. Even if it’s a wide range, like $500,000 to $1 million, it’s still important to know and will guide the rest of your search. Once you nail down a price range, then you go through bedrooms and bathrooms and see if they have any preferences there. Look at the kitchen; whether they want a multilevel house; do they need a building that accepts pets? There’s a laundry list of questions to ask, and each are important.




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